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Hej Peter,
Vi siger alle 3 mange tak for en pragtfuld dag sammen med dig. Vi lærte om havet og hvad man kan finde der, sejlede i din seje speedbåd og snorklede i overfladen imens du viste os, hvad du fandt nede på bunden. mange hilsener fra Rasmus, Sofie og Karen

Karen Olsen <>
Annisse Nord, Danmark20:20:55 - 01/09/2005 - Paros Time

Dear Peter,
I really want to thank you for the experience of diving in July 2004.I
never ever thought I would go diving. At first I was frightened and panicked
as I entered the water. I even said I have to leave the water but with the
help of you I found my way of diving. In the end I was so excited and
didn΄t want to come out of the water. I will definetly continue the PADI
course next year and I΄m very happy that I conquered my fears. Thank you
very much.
Helen Zeytountchian <>
Berlin, Germany 14:42:15 - 15/09/2004 - Paros Time

Lieber Peter,
ich wollte mich nochmal ganz herzlich für das wunderbare Tauchenerlebnis
im Juli 2004 bedanken. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich tauchen würde, da ich
immer Ängste hatte, aber Du habt mich ermutigt es zu tun. Ich habe anfangs
Panik bekommen, da ich mich durch die Ausrüstung eingeengt gefühlt habe und
der Umgang mit dem Beatmungsgerät für mich neu war. Ich wollte wirklich
schon aus dem Wasser gehen und habe dies auch geäussert, aber andererseits
habe ich nicht aufgeben wollen, da ich ja schon so weit gekommen war. Ich
habe meinen eigenen Rhythmus gefunden und langsam weiter gemacht. Ich war
echt stolz auf mich und wollte zum Schluß gar nicht mehr aus dem Meer raus,
weil ich entdeckt habe wie schön es dort unten ist. Es eröffnet sich eine
völlig neue Welt und es ist einfach spannend diese zu entdecken. Jetzt kann
ich verstehen,warum die Leute "süchtig" danach werden. Mein Dank gilt auch
Sumaya, die mich dabei auch sehr unterstützte.
Das war echt super und ich werde den PADI Kurs im nächsten Jahr auf jeden
Fall fortsetzten.
Alles Liebe und viele Grüße aus Berlin von Helen (September 04)
Helen Zeytountchian <>
Berlin 14:56:57 - 15/09/2004 - Paros Time

In my two week trip through Greece (June 2004) the highlight of my trip was the two days I spent in Paros with Peter diving and snorkeling in and around Paros. I've been diving for over six years now, the normal model I've experienceD around the world is inevitably fun, but often frustrating because you are left wondering what you saw. This is why the Aegean Diving College trips are so much better than the normal dive "tank rental" scene.

Peter is so knowledgeable about marine biology, the history and archeology of the area, and the skills of the sport...and more importantly is so good at communicating this information in a interesting and absorbing manner...that it takes the whole experience to a new level. Moreover, the dive spots are breath-taking: wrecks from Roman times with amphora scattered everywhere, neolithic archeological dig sites, a sunken freighter where you swim across the decks and through the hulls like the opening scene of the movie Titantic...WOW! Best of all, Peter has a warmth and kindness that makes you feel like you are right at home.

Thanks, Peter, for the memories I'll keep with me for life.

Your friend, Brad

Brad Kayton <>
San Francisco, USA 17:23:34 - 19/06/2004 - Paros Time

Hi Ihr Lieben! Denken gerade an Euch! Waren auf den Malediven zum Tauchen! Erste Sahne. Haben uns mit Jacobis getroffen, auch von da liebe Grüße! Kommen bestimmt mal wieder zu Euch. Herzliche Grüße vom Schmalensee, David, Imke + Nils
Nils Loenicker <>
Hamburg, Deutschschland14:20:57 - 06/08/2003 - Paros Time

Hello Kerstin!

The night snorkeling we have booked was realy fantastic!

I like your homepage very much.

I hope to see you again in the near future!
Many greetings and all the best to you,
Kristian and the rest of the family.

Norderstedt, Germany23:37:23 - 01/08/2003 - Paros Time

Liebe Kerstin,

die Schnorchelgänge mit dir haben mir viel spaß gemacht,und ich denke noch oft daran.Ich würde mich freuen wenn du mir mal die Unterwasserfotos über die Email senden kannst.Ich hoffe es geht dir gut,ich habe leider nur noch 1 1/2 wochen ferien.;-( viele Liebe grüsse von MARVIN und SILVIA...........

Marvin Müsebeck <>
Stadum, Deutschland11:33:21 - 31/07/2003 - Paros Time

wieder zurück in berlin hat mich der sommer nicht verlassen, so um die 30 grad nur mit dem tauchen ist es bei euch viel besser, vielen dank noch einmal für den schönen uw-ausflug und die nette betreuung !!! servus carsten
Carsten Kiselowsky
Berlin, Deutschalnd -

Hi Peter and Kerstin! This is Cathy and Eric; the diving couple from London! I thought I would email you to thank again for the wonderful experience both Eric and I had in Paros, letting us see the world of underwater. I can confidently say that we had gained much more than the others from our group, who also tried scuba diving, in Santa Maria. Staying under water for almost an hour and a half enabled us to feel comfortable with the equipments for breathing during the course and I was able to be aware of the surroundings and really enjoy what I was seeing. This memory is unforgettable and definitely encouraged us to scuba dive in future again. There is one thing we regret; we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves in the kit. I remembered Peter taking some pictures of us underwater with sea animals. I was wondering if you have developed those pictures and, by any chance, if you could send them to us by email for our memory. I understand if you still haven’t finished the film or too busy to do this. However, I would be really grateful if you could spare your time for us. Thank you in advance! I hope everything is going well and really hope we could come and visit you in future again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes, Cathy and Eric J
Cathy Kume <>
London, United Kingdom -

Hi there! Last summer me and my friend Danielle took the course "Discover Scuba Diving". It was wonderful and the best day of our whole vacation...! We loved it and really like to come back someday.. so beware! :) Love, Norine O, ps: you guys also know to pour some real nice wine :D
Norine Terpstra <>
Arnhem, The Netherlands -

Thank you for the wonderful snorkeling and diving week. It was funny! I like to come back Kristian
Norderstedt, Germany - Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 08:42:35 (EDT)

It was great pleasure that we met Kerstin on Paros during our trip in Greece last June. My parents had a fun Rock Pool Exploraion. And I had an exciting snorkelling trip with her. She was very patient to give the instruction. Greece is such a beautiful place as well as the people in there. I really expect to go back to Paros again!
Ti Zhang <>
Kearny, New Jersey USA - Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 18:32:44 (EDT)

We have been on Paros for many times. Every year we find out more and more beautiful sites and lovely friends on this island. Last September we met Kerstin and Peter and they invited us to a snorkeling boat trip. Even though it was the thousandth trip for us it was totaly different. To discover marine life one needs more than just being under water. Thanks for these very special moments, we think we can learn a lot from you. See you next time on Paros Hilde und Stefan
Hildegard Hankammer <>
Cologne, Germany USA - Friday, July 19, 2002 at 12:11:56 (EDT)

My husband and I are planning a week on Paros/Antiparos in a week and a half, and think that this would be a wonderful opportunity to explore another portion of the Greek Islands.
Andrea Loewy <>
Richmond, Virginia USA - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 14:14:52 (EDT)

Your programs look great! I hope to go diving with you some day...
Chris Saenger <>
Newark, Delaware USA - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 08:16:20 (EDT)

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