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Paros is a 45 minute flight or a minimum 3 hour ferry ride from Athens.

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Golden Beach (Chrisi Akti), Paros, Greece

Octopus Sea Trips
and the Aegean Diving College are privileged to have their facilities a very short distance from the unique ~ 1km long sandy Golden Beach, on the southeastern coast of Paros.

The sea is mostly calm and clear with a vibrant variety of marine life and cultural treasures.
Three islets, less than a mile away, offer sheltered bays, secluded beaches and make ideal destinations for some of our snorkelling and diving excursions.
Golden Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, a European Union distinction given for excellent seawater quality.
Activities offered: windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and of course snorkelling and diving with us!
These facilities and conditions make our location an ideal spot for families, children and people interested in water sports.
Right on the beach, ~ 50m away from us there are two family-run hotels with own cuisine: Golden Beach Hotel, Amaryllis Hotel
The Golden Beach / Chrissi Akti bus stop is only 50 m away and reaching us is very easy for all.


Chrissi Akti (Golden Beach), Paros:
Tel./Fax: (++30) 22840-43347

Athens: Tel.: (++30) 210-922-6510
Fax: (++30) 210-921-6029

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Chrissi Akti, Paros Tel. (+30) 22840-43347

Athens Tel: (+30) 210-922-6510
Fax: (+30) 210-921-6029