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School Programs

Outdoor Classes
Octopus Sea Trips run educational field programs for primary and secondary schools focusing on seashore life, marine ecology, ancient history and archaeology.
Through a variety of hands-on, interactive activities and field trips, our programs become a unique educational experience.
Custom-built courses arranged on request.
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  Marine Educational Programs
Our hands-on marine adventure programs educate pupils about some special ecosystems of the sea.

-Basic principles of marine biology and ecology are introduced through a range of first-hand experiences, field-trips, aided by videos shot by our team.
-Marine invertebrates and algae are examined in touch tanks.
-Rock Pool Exploration and Beachcombing follow.
-Habitats, niches, food webs and protection from predators are discussed during our Touch Tank and Shoreline Discovery sessions.
-The experience may be enhanced by optional snorkelling or scuba diving!
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Archaeology Programs
Our approach will help pupils acquire a sense of time and historical perspective.

-From Neolithic periods and the Bronze Age Cycladic cultures we journey on to Classical and Roman times. -Pupils are introduced to typical pottery styles characteristic of various civilizations that flourished in the Aegean. They form their own vessel in the steps of the ancient Greeks. They discover what can be learned from pottery and understand why it is the archaeologist's best friend.
-Elementary archaeological surveying methods are introduced.
-Courses are carefully arranged to meet specific interests of visiting primary and secondary school groups.
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  One-day Sea Excursion:
Travel and Snorkel into the Past!
A special excursion for secondary school and college groups.

We travel on a traditional Greek “kaiki” through the history-laden waters of southern Paros and its neighboring islands, Antiparos and Despotiko.

Our journey makes stops at several currently uninhabited islets which played a very important role in prehistoric and ancient times. We will experience unique archaeological sites on land and by snorkeling in the shallows spanning from Neolithic to Medieval times.

Sites we discover and explore:
-Saliagos, a small islet in the Paros-Antiparos channel, has yielded one of the most ancient Neolithic settlement in the Cyclades known to date, about 6,500 years old!
-Our team recently discovered another site, also situated on an uninhabited islet. We will find, see and experience settlement foundations and extensive remains of Neolithic and Archaic times in shallow water and on land.
-A temple showing Archaic, Roman and Byzantine presence is sitting under a herd of goats! Breathtaking finds have been unveiled during the ongoing excavations for the past 5 years revealing a site of enormous importance on the uninhabited island of Despotiko.

The excursion starts at 9:00 and is about 8 hrs. long. Optional Greek-style meal or barbeque. Price on application. Please enquire for available dates.
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