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Sea Discovery Programmes

Snorkel Diving
Touch Tank

Touch Tank


A variety of exciting activities bring you in close contact with fascinating sea life and help you feel at home in the sea. All this will prove to be a life-changing experience.

Snorkeling and Free Diving
Your first contact with the underwater world, day or night!

- Glide over the shallows and spot marine creatures in their homes.
- Once snorkelling comfortably on the surface you may want to dive deeper.
- Expert instructors will introduce you to the secrets of free-diving.
- Experience drifting down over an octopus's garden and soaring back to the   surface!
- A night snorkel can top off your daytime snorkeling and free-diving adventure!
- You will meet peculiar nocturnal species, not seen during the day.

For people over 10 years old. About 2 hours long.
Available during day or night.
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Marine Life Touch Tanks
Get hands-on experience with marine animals

Observe a variety of invertebrates like starfish, anemones, urchins, sea cucumbers and more in our touch tanks. Watch them move and camouflage on or under sand and rocks after seeing a short introductory video shot by our team. Animals which you probably knew only by their dried remains on the beach come alive as fascinating creatures.

For people over 6 years old. About 90 min. long.
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  Rock Pool & Shoreline Exploration
Discover animals and plants with special survival abilities in these easily accessible pockets of marine life.

Equipped with our investigation kit, have a closer look at animals, plants and their relationships. The event starts with a video introducing rock pool & shoreline communities.

For people over 6 years old. About 90 min. long.
Exploring Rock Pool
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Sea Arts & Crafts  
Art of the Aegean The Aegean perceived through art.

- Develop your artistic abilities in the steps of the ancient Greeks.
- Have a go at creating mosaics and paintings inspired by sea life forms.
- A variety of art media and techniques are introduced.
- Enhance your knowledge of the marine environment through our art & craft projects.

For people over 7 years old. About 3 hours long.
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Sea Excursion  
Sea Excursion After an exhilarating boat-ride, you have the opportunity to visit some quiet beaches on nearby islands.

Visitors may choose an activity that suits them: sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming, diving, beachcombing or whatever else appeals to them.

An ideal solution for a family or group with diverse interests.

For people over 7 years old. About 4 hrs. long. Snack provided.
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Discover Aegean Sea Life  
Our 5 day program for people with a passion for the sea includes:

- Snorkel Diving in the shallows discovering marine life
- Examination of some interesting animals in our touch tanks
- Sea excursion with optional snorkelling and free-diving
- Discover Scuba Diving (Bubblemaker or Discover Scuba Diving Course)
in safe confined shallow water
- Night snorkelling with beach campfire

For people over 10 years. Available with or without accommodation.
See price list, under “Family Packages”.
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Scuba Diving for Explorers of All Ages

A life-changing experience. The fascinating way to explore marine life.

- Learn the basics of theory and practice of Scuba Diving tailored to your age and interests.
- Experience your first breath underwater in a safe environment

under close guidance of our knowledgeable hosts.
- Contact us for diving programs tailored to children with special needs.

Our scuba programs are designed according to PADI and CMAS standards.

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Bubblemaker - Explorer  
This program is made up of two segments: ~1 hr. theory & ~ 45 mins. shallow water dive in the sea.

-Detect and observe some creatures like starfish, heart-urchins and flatfish.
- Practice confidence-building exercises underwater and explore more sea life diving with your hosts in open water to a max. depth of 2 meters.
- This Scuba Diving experience is the very first step towards your scuba diving certification.

For people over 8 years old. About 3.5 hrs. long
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  Discover Scuba Diving Course
This program is made up of two segments: ~1.5 hrs. theory
and 45 to 60 mins. Shallow water dive in the sea

- After practicing confidence-building exercises in safe open water, you will go on an explorer dive with your host to a max. depth of 5 meters.
- You will get the opportunity to try underwater photography.

For people over 10 years old.
Total about 4 hrs. long, to a maximum depth of 5m.

Discover Scuba Diving
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Junior Open Water Diver  
Discover the experience of feeling at home in the sea and the freedom of moving in three dimensions.

The Junior Open Water Diver is a full certification course, during which you’ll learn the skills needed to move safely and comfortably underwater.
You will now be able to explore marine and cultural treasures of the Aegean Sea to a maximum depth of 12 m.

For people over 10 years old. About 8 hrs. of theory and 25 hrs. of practice spread over 5 days.
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  Other Diving Courses
Please look for more diving courses and activities offered by our affiliate, The Aegean Diving College:

Programs meet PADI and CMAS standards.

Visit the Aegean Diving College online by clicking here.

All diving courses include an introduction to the marine environment and videos shot by our team locally.
Diving Courses
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Marine "Treasures" for Divers  
Certified divers are introduced to the Aegean Sea ecosystems and natural heritage by experienced marine scientists, archaeologists and naturalists

- Visit wrecks, caves and areas of ecological and historical importance.
- A video preview on Aegean marine environment and dive sites may precede   your dive.

For people over 10 years old. About 4 hours long.
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